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Protect your home or business with the coverage it needs to weather, heat, rain, storms, humidity. These and other outside elements are constantly attacking the paint on your home and business.  your home needs to be protected. Call for a free estimate of how Vitality Painting LLC can help protect your investment by weather treating its outside structural appearance.

Your house can look like new witting days! Just give Vitality Painting LLC  the opportunity to show you how enhancing the color of your house can give your whole neighborhood a facelift. Be different, be bold, be in style, be confident about choosing Vitality Painting LLC to do the job right!

 Don’t be caught without the protective covering your investment needs. Bad weather can chip old paint away, exposing your home to mold and rust.

If you selling your home, The first impression of your buyer is what counts the most. The outside of your home should represent a new beginning to a potential home buyer. A fresh renewal of paint on the exterior of your home will be just what the buyer is looking for. Painting the exterior can also serve as protection for your investment, An unattended home may be cost more to replace all the damage for bad weather

Business owners, Resident owners, apartment complex, give the opportunity toVitality Painting LLC, to give a new look of your proprieties and protect your investment

To get a good finish on the wall it is necessary to be completely clean and dry. The area must be free of dust, soot, grease, oil, tar, etc. These substances prevent adhesion and paint drying.

It is essential to free the area of fungus and mildew if those are found. To get rid of the latter wipe the surface with bleach and rinse with water.





*   Eaves

*   French doors

*   Garage doors and carports​

*   Gates

​*   Patios, decks

*   Playhouses

*​   Shutters​

*   Storages

*   Stucco

*   Window bars

*   Wood siding

*   Pressure Washing

*   Window clean

*   Roof clean

*   gutters clean


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