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A simple paint job on the inside of your home can bring an abundance of new life to your dwelling. Painting is an easy way to change the atmosphere and feelings of your home. A fresh coat of paint can turn a dull, boring room into a soothing or energetic environment. No matter the feeling you are trying to create, painting is an easy and cost effective way to achieve that feeling your inner you wants to bring out into the world!Choosing a paint that is right for you is sometimes a hard task. There are so many choices of textures and sheens, not to mention the abundance of colors on the market. There are different finishes and different techniques that are used to create those finishes depending on how you want the finished project to look. The choices seem endless but with the right help they can be simplified into something that you will loveVitality Painting LLC uses only the highest quality materials when painting your home. We use Sherman Williams, Benjamin Moore, Roda, among other paint brands. We can custom match any item and help you to decide on which sheen or texture you should choose depending on where and what you are painting. We also offer low odor paints We use several application techniques including: spray, roller and hand brushing. Depending on the finished look that you prefer our experts can use any of these techniques with precision.Vitality Painting LLC would like to be your painting specialist. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer experiences by make your interior paint job look beautiful.Contact us for a free quote on your interior painting project today!




*   Baseboards

*   Basement

 Bedrooms, bathrooms

*​   Cabinets, hand railings​

*   Crown moldings

*   Family rooms, play rooms

*​   French doors

*​   Kitchens, laundry rooms

*   Living rooms, dining rooms

*​   Offices

*   Walls, ceilings, doors

To get a good finish on the wall is necessary to clean and dry. You must be free of dust, soot, grease, oil, tar, etc. These substances prevent adhesion and paint drying.

If the wall is already painted and is in good condition, he must be sanded and then gently remove dust with a damp cloth.
If there were traces of loose paint they must be completely removed with a spatula, wire brush or chip.
To correct the imperfections of plastic fillings wall sconce with a spatula and then sand it until completely smooth out the surface. Do not forget to remove the dust with a damp cloth before painting.

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